Award-winning projects with Moser & Partner

"SPAR is building green": In 2009, Moser & Partner was nominated for the Austrian National Consulting Award for its innovative energy solution for the SPAR logistics center in Hungary.

Graph from the energy concept developed by Moser & Partner and nominated for the Austrian National Consulting Award: It shows the CO2 reduction of the alternative energy concept in relation to fuel mix levels in Austria and Hungary.

The system uses ground water to recool industrial refrigeration units, saving energy and costs. The warmed ground water is stored in buffers to provide ideal conditions for the heat pump system used for heating.

Award ceremony (from left to right): Gerald Geiger, SPAR AG; Christine Marek, Austrian State Secretary of Economics; Walter Painsi, President of the Austrian Consultants Association; Franz Moser, CEO Moser & Partner; Andreas Wachter, Project Leader Moser & Partner.